“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.”  ~Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann,Cited-Omligot

Sommer Ferien Englisch für Kinder – Please ask for Weekly Summer Courses for Children for all Levels at School- 120 Minutes-CHF 40.00 per child.
Registrations Open for Summer 2016 – 9 -11 in the Mornings or 2-4 in the Afternoons ( Maximum- 8 children)

The young adults are curious to learn and laugh in their language.Cambridge books are followed during the courses but examinations are an option after completion of the same.These courses give the strong base that are never to be lost

Our New Nachhilfe Course in two subjects together– English and French for 14/15 Year old from Fridays at 17.30–60 Minutes priced at CHF 25.– per hour- Take the advantage of both subjects now- Registrations open !

Cambridge Key English Test Preparation Course- ab 12
Registration open for New participants:
Tuesdays at 17.30 ( 1 1/2 lectures -75 Minutes)- Course supports school English and Nachhilfe as well. The examination is only an option and not obligatory after the course.

Ongoing course as above- Thursdays at 17.30 – 60 minutes.

Cambridge Preliminary English Test – ab 15 J

Ongoing  Registrations open- Call Now or write an email.

Mittwoch 14.45 (75 Minuten) und  Donnerstag 17.30( 60  Minuten)
Freitags 17.30 ( 60 Minuten)   English and French (Nachhilfe Zwei Fach Zusammen) .

Cambridge First Certificate for Young adults :
Registrations open for August 2018 

Vorbereitung Kurs für den Immersionsuntericht am Gymnasium
(Lehrperson- Prof.Dr.John Osterwald)
Kursstart-(nach Vereinbarung)
Donnerstag ab 17.30
All the above courses can be visited as Nachhilfe Course in English

English for Expat teens – Form your own group and contact us to start.

Keep up the pace and join our once a week class-club where we speak, write, discuss and learn.