We believe in teaching our young learners the language first and then the words that make the language.

You will see that they understand their new language much before than they start understanding the meaning of each word that makes the sentence- That’s the first positive step in language learning. The vocabulary and sentence construction comes after.

It is only after this step that the young can proceed to the next level of  MAGIC when they actually follow the sound of the letters that make up their first book! They can –Read !

At our Centre we talk to their little hearts first and then gradually progress to their visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic and analytical learning zones.

Montag und Mittwoch
Pre-School Children (ab 5 Jährig) – Mondays and Wednesdays ( 100 minutes)
9.00 to 10.40
Mondays and Wednesdays (ab 5 Jährig) – 13.30 – 14.45 ( 75 Minutes)

Early English -ab 4/5 Jährig bis 8/9 Jährig.
In our groups for young children each lesson is tailored to the individuals within that group, according to their age and previous experience with English. Lessons are fun with the children learning though play. Each lesson is packed with a variety of activities like poems, songs, and rhymes designed to promote the children’s familiarity with the language and give them opportunities to use their new English skills while playing and working with other children. The children listen to stories and act them out, and have fun with craft activities. All lessons are based around topics that are meaningful to the children such as the seasons, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the homes we live in. Some topics are based on stories and nursery rhymes from around the world such as Old MacDonald’s Farm and The Three Little Pigs.  A range of exciting learning resources are used and all materials that are required for the course are provided .

The children learn the language together in spite of their different age groups along with social skills and togetherness.
Courses :
Mondays at 15.00 Hrs – Registrations open
Tuesdays at 16.00 Hrs – Registrations open- three places left.
Thursdays- Registrations open
Fridays – 14 Hrs and 16 Hrs

Early English ab 8/10 Jährig- Introduction of Sounds,letters and early reading and writing skills

The magic of gradual reading is introduced at this age. This is where  Letter land comes to life every week and we visit our ´Letter Friends´. Tie your seat belts and zoom into the world of games, worksheets, songs and sounds .

Ongoing : Thursdays at 16.00 Hrs and Fridays at 14 hrs and 16.00 hrs ( 75 minutes)

Planned: Days and times to be fixed accordingly

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Everyday English ab 12/13

English is not a new language any more. The children here earn confidence in their new language. These courses are a wonderful support to the ongoing English lessons at school. The Let´s Go Series gives the children an insight into the basic grammar that builds the language.

Ongoing :

Mittwochs : ab 15 Uhr ( 75 Minuten- 1 1/2 lektionen)

Freitags : ab 15 Uhr ( 75 Minuten -1 1/2 lektionen- Neuerkurs)


Nachhilfe English – 12 – 15 Jährig
Freitags – English and French Nachhilfe – Eintritt ab Sofort 17.30 – 18.30- 1 Vollstunde
Dienstags ab 17.30 – English Nachhilfe 

Do not miss out on our Teenage and School Support programmes with various books depending on motivational classes or Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses.( Englisch and Französisch Nachilfe für Schule-Alle Stufe.)8-9 Jährig-kinder sprachkurs


The children at our Centre learn a little bit more than just their language-
They learn about friends and friendship- fun ,laughter and togetherness !!

Reading and writing baden-wettingen We speak English- play and learn English Baden children-kinder 13 Jährig- nachhilfeKids gruppenkurs

Get the Grip – Registrations open !

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